TruSight Video Analytics Software
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TruSight Video Analytics Software
TruSight’s video analytics suite of products enables enhanced security and surveillance solutions
by automatically monitoring video for specific people, vehicles, objects, and their associated
behavior within a camera view. TruSight can provide real time alarms based on user-defined
rules to detect abnormal or suspicious behavior without the need for human supervision. This
powerful capability enhances both manned and unmanned operations by working 24/7, reducing
the amount of video data operators must review, and enabling a high level of monitoring for any
size video system. Product packages can be mixed and matched on a single server enabling the
user to assign a product package for each camera to enable the features they need for that par-
ticular camera. This results in flexibility for the user to select a combination of product packages
to run on each analytics server to ensure optimal end-user deployment requirements.
SW-TSA1BSE — TruSight Analytics, Base Package, 1Ch
Restricted area, moving in wrong direction, trespassing-tripwire, camera sabotage, car entering
sterile zone, and video signal lost/restored.
SW-TSA1STD - TruSight Analytics, Standard Package,1Ch
All base items plus loitering, on fence, people converge, people passed by, illegal u-turn, car
pulled off road, car in handicap zone, people and car counting, car in restricted area, and car
needs assistance.
SW-TSA1PRM — TruSight Analytics, Premium Package,1Ch
All standard items plus person start/stop running, person running in wrong direction, car speed-
ing, car counted in lane, unattended object, object removed, possible theft.
SW-TSA1SLX — TruSight, SaleLogix, 1Ch
Designed for retail. People/car counting, car counted in lane, entering target zone [merchandiz-
ing], staying in target zone [dwell time], camera sabotage.
SW-TSA1PLC — TruSight, People Counting, 1Ch
People Counting.
SW-VASUPPORTRM — Remote System Configuration
Professional services to help install and configure your video analytics packages. This is a PER
DAY fee for remote support. Typically 3 channels can be configured per day if high speed exter-
nal system access is available and cameras are optimally located.
SW-VASUPPORTOS — Onsite System Commissioning
Professional services to help install and configure your video analytics packages. This is a PER
DAY fee for onsite support (Airfare not included). This is recommended for advanced projects at
a rate of 4 channels per day.
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